"Down with the Sickness" is a song by American heavy metal band Disturbed. The song was recorded in 1999 and was released as the second single from their debut studio album, The Sickness. The song is one of Disturbed's best-known songs and is a concert staple, usually played as the last song. This was their first single to be certified platinum in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America.[1]

A music video composed of live concert footage was produced for the song. The music video excludes the "abuse" segment as does the radio edit of the song.

It also features an iconic staccato scream from singer David Draiman at the end of the intro, which reappears throughout the song; the now famous "Ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah" noise, which they (as explained on the Decade of Disturbed documentary) got inspiration for during a visit to a Chicago Zoo.

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